Our Story

Welcome to Giuseppe's Pizzeria. The original was established in 1959 and reopened with new partners in 2011. Our recipes are old Italian family secrets, which have been maintained and reproduced since the 1900's. Our meatballs are handmade, rolled and cooked in our kitchen. Our special sauces are handcrafted by one of our partner's 80-year-old father. We use only the finest imported Italian tomatoes and the finest Italian spices. Our dough is made fresh daily and all of our pizzas are hand-tossed. At Giuseppe's we pride ourselves on quality food and service.

Giuseppe Guy

According to Valdo

"A perfect spaghetti sauce has to have just the right balance between acidity and sweetness. He starts with canned tomatoes that are specially imported from Italy. He removes each stem by hand to take away the acidity. He never puts the tomatoes in a blender because it changes the flavor. Valdo uses no sugar in his sauce – the sweetness comes from the right blend and cooking of Italian tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and tomato paste. Here's another secret: you don't add the fresh basil until the end because if you add it at the beginning it makes the sauce bitter. How about that?"
- Mary Dawson